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CPF Research Ltd (CPFR)  Policy on the Delivery of Short Courses and Conditions

April 2015



Delivery policy

CPFR undertakes to deliver courses promptly, in a professional manner, and in suitable premises with convenient seating, rest and refreshment facilities. Modern Audio visual aids will be used as appropriate and most panels displayed during lectures will be provided as hard copy and/or as PDF files on CD. Lecturers will be experts in their fields. In the event that a lecturer becomes unavailable (e.g. due to illness), CPFR undertakes to try as far as possible to provide a suitable replacement lecturer rather than postpone the course.



All communications to and from CPFR are normally via email and it is expected that registrants should regularly check for such communications. In special circumstances, or when requested, CPFR will communicate with registrants via telephone, post  or fax (e.g. when a letter of invitation is required for obtaining a Visa). CPFR will provide registrants with a mobile (cellphone) number, for use to contact CPFR organisers during travel before a course in the evnt of problems or delays. CPFR provides detailed information on course arrangements prior to a course with regular updates sent to registrants, and will respond promptly to all requests and queries related to the course from the registrants.    


Course cancellations or postponements

A decision is made by the organisers to definitely run a course at least 35 days before the course start date, this decision being based on the number of registrants reaching a minimum value.

Where a course cannot be run, for any reason, registrants will be notified as soon as such a decision is made and any paid fees will be refunded as rapidly as possible.

CPFR is not responsible for any loss suffered by registrants related to cancellation or postponement of a course. For this reason it is recommended that registrants travelling by air should book tickets that are refundable or flexible in dates.

If a course is postponed CPFR will offer a fee reduction to registrants on the course the next time that it is run.


Cancellation policy

Where a registrant cancels his/her registration the following is applied:

            cancellation 30 days or more before the course: no charge and and paid fees are refunded in full

            cancellation between 5 and 29 days before a course: 40% of fee is refunded and the registrant is offered a 25% reduction of the fee of any future course held during the following 3 years

            cancellation up to 4 days before the course: no refund but the registrant is offered a 50% reduction of the fee of any future course held during the following 3 years


Privacy policy and personal data

CPFR will not reveal to third persons any personal or business information obtained concerning registrants or their employers. The names and contact details of registrants on a course are not revealed to third persons. However the names, company/institute names and email addresses are provided as a course attendants list to all course registrants and lecturers on the course. CPFR maintains a file of the names and contact details of course registrants for the sole purpose of providing past registrants with information on new courses.


Health and Safety and Security

The hard copy notes issued at registration at commencement of a course, contain details of health and safety requirements regarding the venue used by the course (e.g. hotel or conference centre). The registrants are responsible for studying and adhering to these instructions, and to any other instructions displayed by the venue.  The owners of the venue (not CPFR) are responsible for insurance related to their premises.  CPFR has no responsibility for the security of the possessions of registrants but will provide guidance regarding when rooms are to be locked (for example during lunch breaks) .


Registration on a course indicates acceptance of the conditions and policy noted above

Consultancy Services


  1. By their nature the courses of projects and their durations cannot be predicted with perfect accuracy and the information provided to the client is given with the best intentions. Changes to the durations and contents of Tasks may occur but only after prior discussion with the Clients.

  2. CPFR Ltd and its Directors and consultants accept no responsibility for any legal repercussions of the use and exploitation of the infornation and views provided to the Client nor resulting from devices developed for or by the client e.g. infringement of copyrights and IPR, or contravening legislative requirements: It is the responsibility of the client to carry out necessary searches to check for such infringements but CPFR Ltd will help and advise if requested.

  3. CPFR Ltd and its Directors and Consultants accept no responsibility for the results ofaccidents, damage etc. caused by the use of the information provided to the client nor resulting from devices developed with the client.

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The extensively revised 14th course was held be at the prestigious Manchester Conference Centre in March 2020. After the COVID interrption we now announce the 15th course.


Leaflet for 2022 Atomization for Metal Powders
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Metal Atomizing Course: 2022 to be held 6-7 October



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