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VOC-Free Aerosols

VOC-FREE AEROSOLS: Good Sprays at Acceptable Costs?

Course Code: VOC

This is a new course under development and with dates to be fixed.

It addresses the problems and solutions for consumer and industrial aerosols if flashing liquefied gas propellants are no longer used. It is provided by senior engineers including international fluid dynamic specialists who have a great depth of knowledge in many areas that use atomization of liquids, as well as close involvement in the creation of new IPR in the field of portable spraying devices.

Please enquire if potentially interested, by completeing the "register interest" form.

Full information to follow shortly


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Our 12th Atomization for Metal Powders Course in Manchester UK is again organised by John Dunkley and Andrew Yule. PLEASE NOTE THAT DISCOUNTED FEES APPLY FOR REGISTRATIONS RECEIVED UP TO 30th NOVEMBER 2018

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