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5th - 6th MARCH 2020   REGISTRATION DISCOUNT (£100) UNTIL 10th DECEMBER 2019


In November 2004 Perdac and Atomising Systems Ltd of Sheffield UK, held the 4th very well received presentation of their Course "Atomization of Melts". To satisfy requests from industry we then developed this course which is devoted entirely to Atomizing Metals for Powder Production This course provides a cohesive overview suitable for those in both the industrial and research environments, and it also acts as a concise introduction to those relatively new to the field.

http://www.perdac.com/resources/_wsb_157x120_course+CD+label+pic.jpg             http://www.perdac.com/resources/_wsb_163x120_C12L1M7T0P29F1G.jpg

The course, held this year at the Pendulum Hotel (Manchester Conference Centre) in central Manchester UK, has now been run twelve times and with very positive feedback from around 350  registrants from 5 continents, who appreciated the close focus on metal powders, the intensive nature of the course over just two days, and the up to the minute knowledge that was provided on current practice and developments. Although the background of essential theory is not ignored, the course is very much practically oriented and with the importance of economics, safety and maintenance being emphasised.

A Systems Engineering approach is used to cover the whole powder production process. Coverage is given of all metals including Titanium, and also covers all of the atomization techniques, both in common use and developed for special applications. Please download the course leaflet for more details and fees.

Each year the course is modified to reflect the changing interests and knowledge in the field, for example powders for Additive Manufacturing and also Titanium powders are highlighted in the current course.

Although the course is constructed to satisfy the requirements of industrial practitioners, it is undoubtedly also useful for researchers at universities or other research establishments.

Please download the Course Leaflet (see above) for fuller information.

FEES: Early Discounted Fee £890 before 10th December. Further Discount of £120 per person from same Company. Full Fee £990. Large discounts for bona fide Research Students.


Course Lecturers

Dirk Aderhold [Technical Director, Atomising Systems Ltd, Sheffield]

John.J. Dunkley [Chairman, Atomising Systems Ltd, Sheffield]

Rajeev Dattani [Applications Specialist, Freeman Technology, Gloucester]

Andrew, J, Yule [ Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Manchester]

Coauthors of "Atomization of Melts" (AJY & JJD) Oxford University Press, and "Industrial Sprays and Atomization" (AJY) Springer Verlag.

During a course held at the Macdonald Townhouse Hotel Manchester

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